Day 1

Moshe Y. Vardi

Moshe Y. Vardi is the Karen Ostrum George Distinguished Service Professor of Computational Engineering and Director of the Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology at Rice University. He chaired the Computer Science Department at Rice University from January 1994 till June 2002. Prior to joining Rice in 1993, he was at the IBM Almaden Research Center, where he managed the Mathematics and Related Computer Science Department. His research interests include database systems, computational-complexity theory, multi-agent systems, and design specification and verification.

Sophie Vandebroek

Dr. Vandebroek has been the Chief Operating Officer, IBM Research for International Business Machines Corporation since January 2017.  She was most recently an executive with Xerox Corporation from 2002 until December 2016, and served as Chief Technology Officer and Corporate Vice President of Xerox Corporation, and President of the Xerox Innovation Group, from 2006 until December 2016. Dr. Vandebroek was responsible for overseeing Xerox’s research centers in Europe, Asia, Canada and the U.S., including PARC, Inc., for which she served as sole director from 2008 until December 2016.

Krystyn Van Vliet

Van Vliet earned her Sc.B. in Materials Science & Engineering from Brown University (1998) and her Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering from MIT (2002). At MIT, Van Vliet was a National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate Fellow, was President of the Graduate Materials Council, and won the MRS Gold Medal for her thesis research. Her MIT thesis work with Prof. Subra Suresh established the experimental and computational basis for predicting homogeneous nucleation of dislocations (plasticity carrying defects) in crystalline metals.

Tom Kochan

Thomas Kochan is the George Maverick Bunker Professor of Management, a Professor of Work and Employment Research, and the CoDirector of the MIT Sloan Institute for Work and Employment Research at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

James Manyika

James Manyika is a senior partner at McKinsey & Company and chairman and director of the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), the firm’s business and economics research arm. James also serves as a member of McKinsey’s Shareholder Council (its Board of Directors).

Cynthia Breazeal

Cynthia Breazeal is an associate professor of media arts and sciences at MIT, where she founded and directs the Personal Robots group at the Media Lab. She is also founder and Chief Scientist of Jibo, Inc.

Breazeal is a pioneer of social robotics and human robot interaction. Her recent work investigates the impact of social robots on helping people of all ages to achieve personal goals that contribute to quality of life in domains such as education, health, wellbeing, and emotive connection and engagement despite distance.

Yann LeCun

Yann LeCun is Director of AI Research at Facebook, and Silver Professor of Dara Science, Computer Science, Neural Science, and Electrical Engineering at New York University, affiliated with the NYU Center for Data Science, the Courant Institute of Mathematical Science, the Center for Neural Science, and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.

Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt is the executive chairman of Alphabet Inc. He is responsible for the external matters of all of the holding company's businesses, including Google Inc., advising their CEOs and leadership on business and policy issues.